About us

we're passionate about air

We at Direct Air Curtains have spent many years perfecting the art of installing ambient, low pressure, economical air curtains and over door heaters. We can also sell air curtains that you can install yourself, because some models are quite easy to set up and do not require certifications to install. This makes these devices different to air conditioning, which is dangerous and illegal to install yourself.

Over the years we have worked on many prestigious projects, such as the renovation of The British Library and the vast Milton Keynes Shopping Centre.

We work with Thermoscreens, the leading manufacturer of air curtains, to bring you the best air curtains for any industry, all over England, Scotland and Wales.

Many studies have been carried out into open door policies and the benefits it can bring to your business. The best way to keep the door open and bring in more customers, whilst keeping the heat in your building, is an air curtain.

Many people are concerned at the cost of running air curtains, however over the last decade big steps have been made to reduce the energy consumption of air curtains, with many of the units now carrying an A rating for energy efficiency.

Some new units are now integrated with air conditioning systems and these are remarkable at energy saving. For those systems, we deal with manufacturers such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric with these units.

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