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Bristol, one of the UK’s most charming cities, is the home of Ribena and the chocolate easter egg, as well as many other wonderful sites and landmarks. Bristol is also a city full of history, found by the year 1000, it boasts over a millennium of historical significance and culture, notably things like having its own time zone until 1840, or creating and using its own currency, the Bristol pound, in order to encourage local spending and keep the money in the community. These are not the only things that make Bristol special however, as the city itself is home to 5 different local universities, and over 70,000 students, which means that apart from being one of the most educated cities in the UK, it is also one of the busiest when it comes to commerce.

There are plenty of different shops and restaurants in the city centre, however the city is also known for its creative media centres and engineering centres, like the aeronautical research centre. All of these places need to protect themselves from unwanted bugs, or temperature drops, and there is no better way to do that, than installing curtain heaters Bristol above a main entryway. Businesses like shops and restaurants will benefit from a Bristol overdoor heaters, as it will keep flying insects out, and attract customers into the establishment. Engineering spaces will benefit, as often the shutters or loading bays have to stay open for a long period of time, and curtain heaters Bristol will stop unwanted insects flying in, as well as maintain a desired temperature throughout the inside, which can be a critical thing when dealing with certain parts of the research. So, if you’re looking for the best Bristol heated air curtain, or air curtain installers Bristol, look no further than Direct Air Conditioning.

What services do we offer at Curtain Heaters Bristol?

Buy air curtain Bristol:

We stock only the highest and most premium air curtain models, using the latest innovative technologies to make your business cleaner, better and warmer. 

Our air curtain models are the best and cheapest air curtain models in the UK. All of our models passed safety regulations, as well as most are rated A* in the energy efficiency rating. 

We also offer finance to help spread the cost of purchase, making all of our models affordable, and ready to be shipped to you immediately. Give us a call today to speak with our friendly sales staff, who would be happy to discuss all of the different options and choices available to you. 

air curtain Installers Bristol:

Our expert team is based in the midlands, however we service nationwide. We are fully qualified and licenced to install air curtains, so we can do it all, from selling air curtains, to installing and servicing them, hassle free. 

With Direct Air Curtains you never need to worry about expensive purchases, incomplete installs or any hidden fees. When you ring our friendly sales stuff for a free quote, we can guarantee that what you get quoted is exactly what you will pay.

When it comes to installing air curtains, our expert team is the best and most experienced in the area. With almost 20 years of experience, we are bigger and better than all of our competitors, and can install and service your air curtain faster and better than anyone else. 


How does an air curtain work?

An air curtain, or overdoor heater, is a HVAC unit, which is usually mounted above an entryway to a business, and provides a high velocity air output. This air ouput is blows the air directly downwards, until it reaches the floor, creating an “air barrier” between the inside climate and temperature, and the outside climate. There are many practical uses for having an air curtain, with the main ones being that it stops temerature drops inside your business, stops insects and other pests from flying in, allows you to keep the doors open to your business, inviting more customers in, as well as saving money on energy costs, by helping maintain a desired climate.

Keep the pests out, and customers in, with Bristol heated air curtain

Why choose direct air curtains?


Direct Air Curtains is one of the UK’s leading experts on thermoscreens and air curtains. Partnered with Daikin Industries LTD, a global manufacturer and distributor in air conditioning systems, we sell only the most technologically advanced and premium air curtains available on the market today. With a team of dedicated experts to help you deliver, install and service our products, we make sure you get exactly what you need, at the lowest possible cost to you. 


Here at Direct we are committed to providing only the highest standard of service, and whatever your need, provide a custom tailored solution to suit you and your business. We are fully qualified and certified to the latest standards, and can handle everything, from product delivery, installation, maintenance and even removal, so you don’t need to be worried about anything. We are committed to cutting out the middle man and keeping costs low, as well as sparing you from having to run around and secure different contractors for different jobs. We are also committed to saving the environment as well, as all of our products use recyclable materials and are energy efficient. Ring us now for the best products and cheapest prices.

As well as being fully qualified to install and maintain air curtains, we also offer a self install option, so feel free to browse and buy from our premium range. We will do our best to ensure we deliver your product in at your earliest convenience.


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