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One of the simplest ways of saving money on any heating system is to install effective Air Curtain EcoPower Controllers. Not only does an effective control strategy save you money it also ensures that thermal curtains are able to maintain a comfortable temperature within the environment.

When controls are used in conjunction with thermal curtains, fan speed can also be carefully maintained. Fan speed is important as it delivers the correct air velocity required for effective climate separation.

Too little air velocity will mean that the door air curtain fails to maintain a separation between the inside and outside environments which can result in loss of heat from the building. Too fast a fan speed will cause turbulence where the airstream from the door air curtain collides with the floor. Again this can result in the loss of valuable heat from the building.

The Thermoscreens EcoPower controller is supplied as standard with our complete range of thermal curtains for commercial applications and is designed to prevent overheating at the building entrance whilst providing measurable energy savings. Ambient air curtains are supplied with a remote control unit which allows the user to turn the door air curtain on and off and to select one of three fan speeds.

The EcoPower controller can be set in Auto mode to ensure that consistent comfort levels are maintained by using the built-in thermostat. When used in this mode, the air return temperature sensor is disabled allowing thermal curtains to be controlled via the room temperature.

In addition, you can choose to enable weather compensation control to further enhance energy savings. In this mode, the outside air temperature is used as the trigger to adjust the heat output of the air curtain. An alternative control strategy for areas where there is less foot fall may be to fit a door limit switch.

On electrically heated door air curtain units, EcoPower has a fan over run function to prevent nuisance tripping of the thermal cut out. In situations where you have more than one door air curtain fitted in the same room, EcoPower can work in a master slave mode allowing up to 8 air curtains can be controlled using a single remote control unit.

The EcoPower controller can be manually controlled for either ambient, 50% or 100% heat output or can be connected to a BMS for full integration with building control systems.

  • If outdoor temperature sensor measures less than 10°C, the door air curtain will operate on full heat
  • If the outdoor temperature sensor measures a temperature between 10°C and 15°C, the door air curtain will operate on half heat
  • If the outdoor temperature sensor measures a temperature more than 15°C, the door air curtain will operate in ambient mode and recirculate the ambient air in the room


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