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Advanced EC Technology, for Exceptional Performance.


Advanced EC Technology, for Exceptional Performance.

When it’s really cold outside, and no ordinary air curtain performs up to the task of keeping your business warm, the HX-CS-Series has been specifically designed for climate separation with powerful heating elements, to keep your surroundings cosy and comfortable. Key Features include:

  • Constant Temperature Maintenance, Keeping it Warm and Comfortable
  • Reducing the Energy Loss Between the Warm and Cold Areas of Your Business
  • Comes with Hanging Bracket, Which Allows for Directed Airflow
  • Easy Installation
  • Three Different Power Models Available to Choose From


ModelDimensions (LxWxD) (mm)Supply (50Hz)Rated electrical power input (W)Rated Current (A)Air volume min-max (m³/h)
Specific Fan Power min-max (W/I/s)Effective width of airstream (m)Max Mounting Height (m)Weight (kg)Noise Level min-max (dB@3m)
HX CS 10001300X468X306230/1/504301.8900-22500.2-0.71.142852-70
HX CS 15001825X468X306230/1/506302.71450-34000.23-0.691.6344153-71
HX CS 20002350X468X306230/1/508203.52000-45000.25-0.682.1545254-72


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